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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 26, 2024 4:00am-5:00am PST

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>> brian: 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. i just checked my watch. monday, february 26th. i just checked my calendar. and this is "fox & friends." that's the name all over this building. it's fox news alert time. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will join us in about 40 minutes live. we have all the breaking news around that situation. >> ainsley: i'm glad you mentioned that. because this broke overnight. rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel reportedly announcing her plans to step down. >> steve: yep. we got a live report from the white house on that. and robots on the dance floor. >> brian: finally. >> steve: the latest wedding trend sweeping social media by storm. >> brian: now i have an out. >> people keep bringing up oh, i'm so happy that i spent money on the robot. and so i'm like what is the robot? >> lawrence: that robot has moves. of the second hour of "fox & friends" starts right now. and, remember, mornings are better with friends.
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>> steve: robots? >> ainsley: this is a fox news alert. breaking overnight. rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel will be stepping down from her position. >> steve: ronna's decision apparently comes as republican presidential hopefuls turn their focus to the state of michigan ahead of tomorrow's primaries. >> lawrence: madeleine rivera in d.c. and joins us with details. hi, maddy. >> steve: we're actually going to be. >> brian: doing that a little bit later. we have some time. i mean, that's pretty. >> steve: peter doocy is at the white house. peter, why are you not answering no madeline? >> steve: is she here somewhere? >> ainsley: she did the story in the last hour. that's why. >> brian: see if you can live up to her because she did a great job. >> peter: no pressure or anything. here is my best effort at this report. it is very unusual for the head of a major party to leave during an election year. that is what ronna mcdaniel is
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going to do. she is going to step down as rnc chair next week after super tuesday. she says in a statement, in part, the rnc has historically undergone change once we have a nominee. and it has always been my intention to honor that tradition. i remain committed to winning back the white house and electing republicans up and down the ballot in november. she was promoted from michigan chair to national chair in 2017 after trump won there. but he is in charge of the party. he gets a big say in who reps the rnc and at the moment he remains the overwhelming favorite to be the republican nominee for the third time in a row. beating nikki haley by about 20 points in south carolina this weekend. haley is also now losing the support of the outside group afp action which has assessed -- they don't think outside groups can widen her path to victory. but, she is not dropping out yet. she is campaigning in michigan ahead of tuesday's primary there. >> i mean, you have to look at what we are seeing in michigan, but you have to look at what we
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saw in the first three early states. donald trump lost 40% of the vote in the first three states. you have to look at that. and say, if is he losing 40%. he can't win a general election. >> peter: progressives hoping to inflict pain on primary. rashida tlaib so upset about biden's controversial push for cease-fire in gaza she wants democrats tomorrow voting uncommitted. back to you. >> steve: hey, peter. it's about putting trump back in the white house. and that's what the rnc is going to do. i just saw some thing from axios that just crossed. i'm sure you are going to be talking about it today. hunter biden sees his sobriety as the key to keeping trump from winning. worry is. >> axios item.
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hunter biden barely does any press. is he talking about the impact not only that it would have, giving it seems like his point is that it would give republicans ammo to talk about hunter biden some more. but it would also weigh heavily on his dad who is also very caught up in making sure that hunter stays sober. >> steve: interesting stuff. i'm sure you are going to be talking about it today. >> brian: main thing to keep in mind -- thanks, peter. hunter biden is not the story. it's how his dad is related to the story. his addiction is not the story. his love 6 hookers is not the story. what is in the laptop and his dad is the story. number of things come out. nikki haley is trailing in overall approval 75 to 18% to the president. it is true that she has gotten 40% of the vote. that's a credit to her. she got -- she gets in new hampshire she got a lot of moderates and democrats who flipped. that's a credit to her. i call it a battle. i mean, if you look back at south carolina last time, trump wins by 4 or 5 over rubio and
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ted cruz. nobody walls saying how come donald trump only had 30% of the vote. it's called a competition. she is formidable. she was very popular two-term governor. give herself credit. her main weakness. the weakness that she could point out is from independents. she takes independence from trump and new hampshire in south carolina. i think that's legit. >> ainsley: sorry, go ahead. >> lawrence: go ahead, ainsley. >> ainsley: maybe pull a gavin newsom and wait her turn yes, everyone in south carolina said she was a great governor. we really like her; however, we see that trump would be able to win or trump is winning. some people who voted for her. most people who voted for her told me in the general, they will end up voting for trump. if nikki haley doesn't win. >> lawrence: so she has two major problems, ainsley. first, donald trump got more votes in her home state than any other republican has ever gotten. that was big. this was her home state. the other thing that she has been using is independents and democrats voting in -- republican primary. i mean, we interviewed some of
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them on "fox & friends" last week. they said hey, we are going to vote for nikki haley. whether it comes to the general election. we are going to be voting for joe biden. new hampshire was her best shot to do that, and she lost that and when it comes to voters knowing who she is. south carolina would have been her best shot. and she has lost both of those states. so the question is if she can't win south carolina, where she was governor for two terms. and she can't win new hampshire, who has more democrats and independents voting in a primary, then what state will she win? and on the heels of that, steve, you have americans for prosperity money arm of the campaign. >> brian: koch brothers. >> steve: put the house in the house and senate, if trump is the nominee they don't want to lose the house and the senate. to the point that she did get 40%, which is good. but she still is way behind trump. g.o.p. insiders are, you know, they are saying essentially he has been running and we have talked about this in the past. essentially he has been running as incumbent. and for him to not get 40% of
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the primary vote, that is troubling. cnn did an exit poll, you know, it speaks to the power of the maga movement. that's why donald trump is -- you know, as far as we can see. is he going to win all of these primaries going forward. the maga movement, you have got to wonder about that. cnn poll says they did exit poll. i think they talked to 1.5000 people across the state of south carolina. 45 percent said that they were part ever the maga movement. but 49 percent said they were not. which is similar to when we were in iowa where 4 in 10 said they were part of maga. so the question is, does he have enough base to get elected in the general? >> ainsley: going forward, i hope he doesn't talk about nikki haley anymore. >> lawrence: he didn't in his speech the other day. >> ainsley: what did he tell you when you interviewed him? is he going to move forward and focus on biden? >> lawrence: the president made it very clear he said i'm running the general election campaign right now.
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he said there is no need to worry about nikki haley. >> ainsley: no competition anymore. >> lawrence: goes to the larger problem, brian, the republican party is split right now. >> brian: i want to add this. i was relationships in around channels in australia. >> lawrence: yeah. >> brian: i think it just gulls other networks to say trump wins and to see these numbers and 70%. i think as much as he would rather spend and consolidate, i think it works to advantage to continue to win in all these states and have them forced to acknowledge the strengths that he has. as soon as haley goes away. it's goings to be nothing but biden and trump, biden and trump. and the longer he looks like a winner, which unimpeachable. the longer trump might gain stweem moderates. >> lawrence: republican party has a money problem right now. >> steve: they do. >> lawrence: rnc is not raises as much money. went through the report of the lavish spending they h a lot of republicans are saying we need that money for the general. why are we wasting it when we
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all know the end goal. >> ainsley: why a politician, you might know this answer. why is she staying in the race? nikki haley. he is i it saying i'm telling new my experience. you have an army that works for you. around you. they are getting paid. they want that gravy train to keep rolling. >> steve: sure. absolutely. let's see what happens. anyway, ronna mcdaniel out at the end of next week after super tuesday. >> ainsley: this is a fox news alert. rice now confirming that the suspect accused of killing that nursing student, laken riley, entered the country illegally from venezuela. >> steve: officials also revealing this man has a rap sheet and was just released from new york city months ago. >> brian: scarpino joins us live from athens, georgia. madison? >> good morning, guys. this is the first day that students will return to classes at uga after police say an illegal immigrant killed laken riley on campus last week.
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now, the accused killer, 26-year-old jose e ibarra remais in jail for killing riley and faces a long list of charges for her death. the judge did deny him bond. everyone we talked to here said they are still devastated and in shock by this strategy. we got a chance to speak to riley's freshman year roommate van katyaler. listen. >> whenever i found out made a mistake if anybody had a bad day she was the sweetest sole and sweetest person you could have ever met. >> as you mentioned ice confirms the accused killer entered the u.s. new york law enforcement just arrested him five months ago for acting in a manner to injure a child. released him him before issuing
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a detainer. it's infuriating. >> it's scary. i didn't look at the data and statistics until more recently how many people are here illegally. make please so uneasy to know this might not be the end of these tragedies, you know. hopefully, nobody else has to go through the same thing. this shouldn't have even happened in the first place. it's just so unfair. >> uga police say that riley died from blunt force trauma and we could get the autopsy results as early as today. there's a vigil set for 3:00 p.m. today here on campus to honor riley and her funeral will be on friday in her hometown of woodstock, georgia. back to you. >> steve: i got a quick question for you, madison. and that is there is a story in the "new york post" about this suspect in the case. and it says that -- and it's unclear. it says that apparently when he came to the country, he had his wife and a 5-year-old child. and they were seeking asylum. came to new york, and at some point, he was driving for door dash and uber eats.
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and then eventually went down to georgia. was he driving for them in new york or georgia? do we know yet? because i know his brother lives down there. >> we are -- right. we are still working to confirm all of that information. of course, we want to be absolutely clear on what the case is regarding the suspect. i can tell you that here in georgia, eye berra lived with his brother was arrested for hag a fake green card. on top of that uga confirms the brother used that green card to get a job on campus at a dining hall as a dishwasher. but he was unable to provide further documentation and was later fired. >> ainsley: didn't they live five min minutes from where they was found or where she was attacked? >> 5 minutes, yes. >> steve: terrible. >> ainsley: died of blunt force trauma. she loved the lord. she had a very strong faith. she is a nursing student so she cares about other people. >> steve: madison, thanks very much. >> brian: you had a big interview with somebody who understands this pain?
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>> ainsley: we had don rosenberg on earlier and he lost his son. he was in a motorcycle accident and the guy, the illegal immigrant takes a left turn and runs over his son. he got caught in, i guess, under 9 car and so he put it in reverse and then went back forward again and rolled over him. tire marks on his chest. i don't have grandchildren. my son was a law student. the irony is if he were to get married, he was dating someone who was an immigrant. he said i guarantee he would have been 39 now, he probably would have given me grandkids. >> steve: here is don. listen. >> my son was in law school at the time. he was just coming home one night. and an illegal alien tried to make a last-second left-hand turn. and they collided. if he had just stopped, i wouldn't be here today. my son would be -- would have walked away with some cuts and bruises and that would have been the end of it. but, instead, he accelerated, drove over his body, got stuck,
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backed up, drove over him a second time and then going forward somebody jumped in front of his car and he stopped with his tire on my son's abdomen. so, you know, everyday is, you know, people will say, you know, time heals all wounds. >> i don't know who came up with that saying but it's just not true are. >> brian: that's pretty impactful. keep in mind, too. not all venezuelans are bad but a lot of them are there is a crime spree for the venezuelans, and guess what? more are coming and they're the not leaving. as of september 2020. the new parole system venezuelans, nicaraguans come. the former bus driver says i'm not taking them back. we had a reapproachment with this administration with venezuela we needed dirty oil. you would think we use some leferlg there to say you better take these criminals back or stop emptying your prisons. instead we get the worst. >> lawrence: seems like there is no alarms going off in the white
4:16 am
house. the fbi director has sent out a bulletin about the venezuelan gang. fbi director saying lights flashing when it comes to national security everywhere. everywhere. and there doesn't seem to be any pivot from the administration on this. >> brian: times square. >> ainsley: the four people that were robbed and beaten on the train in chicago, those were four illegals from venezuela. the 15-year-old, do you remember, was shooting in times square. shooting at cons, ended up shooting a tourist in the leg. >> steve: from brazil. >> ainsley: oh the tourist from brazil? the guy charged with that 15-year-old venezuelan migrant. >> brian: trying to bail him out. >> ainsley: posting notes on social media saying help him. don't nativity to his campaign. so we can get him out of prison. is he 15 and they are saying he probably will walk because he is a juvenile. the violent venezuelan gang, you mentioned this, lawrence, the scooter moped robbery, those are venezuelans and then this uga student also. >> lawrence: open borders. >> steve: apparently according to the white house, they are planning some sort of executive
4:17 am
action. >> brian: no, no. he can't do anything. he can't do anything, steve. you don't understand. >> steve: brian, and apparently that's the problem is apparently they are asking to do certain things and the lawyers are saying, that's against the law. >> brian: oh, really? right. >> ainsley: do you think if maduro said i'm not taking my citizens back, do you think donald trump would stand for that? he would slap sanctions. >> brian: have a military jet land there with american airlines right in caracas. [laughter] >> steve: more on that. in the meantime 7:16, and carley joins us with news from this town. >> carley: exactly. and staying on this very topic, guys. new york city police releasing new photo of one of the suspects in connection with massive brawl in times square last week near a migrant shelter where a teen was stabbed. the nypd says at least 8 more suspects are on the loose. seven migrants suspected of having been involved in the attack have been indicted. the family of that missing couple from virginia are urging
4:18 am
the public to l leave the search to experts. three escaped criminals hijacked this couple's boat. police found it ransacked and evidence that, quote, a violent act took place on board. this taking place off the shores of granada. the three suspects were located near another caribbean island on wednesday. but there is still no sign of the couple. to a fox news alert coming out of the middle east. the prime minister of the palestinian authority announcing his resignation and our own trey yingst reports this move sets the pathway for a new form of government to take place in the west bank that is not affiliated with a single political party. israeli prime minister benjamin will join us later this morning. florida attorney general lashley moody in washington today as the supreme court hears arguments about texas and florida laws regulating content censored by social media platforms. she joined us last hour to discuss they're efforts. >> these platforms have historically said come here.
4:19 am
you have free speech. let's have open discourse and dialogue and share information, they have flipped the script now and they say well, they have the free speech rights to censor, deplatform, shadow ban americans. >> mood wy will be delivering ol arguments at the supreme court today. gretchen whitmer is urging to support biden ahead of primary tomorrow. >> i want to make the case it's important to not lose sight of the fact that any vote not cast for joe biden supports second trump term. a second trump term would be devastating. this is, i think, a very high stakes moment. i'm encouraging people to cast an affirmative vote for president biden. >> progressives, including congresswoman rashida tlaib are urging voters to vote, quote, uncommitted to send the president a message against his administration's policies on
4:20 am
israel. the latest wedding trend has 8-foot tall led robots headed to the dance floor. look at that. >> people keep bringing up oh, i'm so happy that i spent money on the robot. it's like a man in like a 10-foot tall robot suit. >> wow. some say the robots help get the crowd going at the reception. the robots are reportedly gaining popularity in new york, new jersey and connecticut. this is a tri-state area wedding thing. loonks lie iron man was invite to the wedding. >> steve: looks like the guy from fox sports. any idea how much that costs because ultimately. it's all about the instagram picture. look i'm dancing with a robot? >> new york, new jersey or connecticut it's probably going to cost you about $100,000. weddings are so expensive. >> ainsley: only way if the robot were the groom.
4:21 am
>> brian: anything supplement me being on the dance floor i'm for it. >> ainsley: that robot looks a little scary. i'm sorry, my 8-year-old would be freaked out if she were at that wedding. >> brian: if case carley wants to renew her vows. >> carley: a way to get brian let loose on the dance floor. robot suit. >> brian: i would like to but robot looks dangerous. >> ainsley: play the robotic song. >> steve: robot squared. excellent. doing it right there. very nicely done. >> brian: if you missed that, you should dvr the show and then play it back and you watch her do the robot. >> steve: if you hadn't set it up you just missed it. set your dvr right now so you never miss a minute. >> brian: promise to do the robot tomorrow. >> ainsley: what was that oreo roboto. >> brian: i don't know that language. >> ainsley: i will play it for you in a commercial. fox news exclusive a vermont school refuses to play against a team with a biological male over safety concerns. >> brian: good. look at that.
4:22 am
>> ainsley: the coach joins us. >> brian: it's sickening. gavin newsom taking praise for biden in a whole new level? >> do you think it's responsible for democrats to put him at the top of the ticket given those concerns? >> responsible? i revere his record? i mean, what he has done in three years has been a master class. >> what a tough interview. the age old problem biden faces ahead of november. that's next. ♪ pass it on ♪ pass it on ♪ pass it on to someone else ♪ what good if you got her ♪ you love ♪ keep it all to yourself ♪ there's enough to go around ♪ send it on down ♪ because you can't take it with you when you go ♪ so pass it on
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>> 76% of voters say they have real concerns about president biden's ability to serve a second term. do you think it's responsible for democrats to put him at the top of the ticket given those concerns? >> responsible. i revere his record. i mean, this -- what he has done in three years has been a master class. i have been out as you know on the campaign trail. just out in california i have seen him up close and afar. it's because he has been so successful. because bipartisan accomplish. s because of his capacity of understanding. because of his leadership so the opportunity to express that for
4:28 am
four more years, what a gift it is for the american people and as a democrat, what a gift for me to make the case for the leader of our party, joe biden. >> lawrence: unbelievable. 70% of americans say democrats and productions say we are heading down to the wrong direction. border overrun. inflation hitting. crime surging but a master class. >> ainsley: such a gift. >> brian: if that's my gift i hope is he not my secret santa this year i would like something else. thank you. have we mentioned afghanistan and the broken border and overrun of every major city in this country 50 state issue right now? you you have states against the federal government from the city of new york to the state of texas they're pointing to infrastructure deal. done on simple majority. some of those were help from
4:29 am
republicans. >> axios talks about joe biden bringing note cards to fundraiser dinners with donors. >> steve: peopling out. >> ainsley: people are worried. >> brian: worried. >> steve: robert hurens report we didn't charge because he would never be found guilty. >> ainsley: not competent. >> steve: he was old and he had a terrible memory, now what they are too long is completely embracing his age. because now they say because. >> brian: good luck with that. >> see if it works. because of his age that he has been so successful. >> his age is a gift, steve. >> keeps on givings to the republicans. >> so people have got to decide has what has happened over the last four years, has it been successful? has it been a gift? does his age freak you out? >> i don't believe that gavin newsom believes a thing he is saying? >> i don't know. >> i believe it's a gift to the republicans. republicans are running on this. they were saying watch him. he can't put sentences together. >> president can't stand trial.
4:30 am
>> if he could stand trial. i don't understand. >> so because donald trump is competent and is he of right mind, then we can put him on trial. but joe biden does the same thing and he is not competent to stand trial. >> other thing he has got. trailing in every battleground state except wisconsin a dead heat. keep in mind the biggest story tomorrow night is going to be michigan. and is going to be the people that decide they are not going to vote for joe biden with basically unopposed in that state because they have turned on him because his support of israel, which is wavering right now. because the muslim and the palestinian community, he won by about 200,000 votes last time. that's all in jeopardy. trailing by between as many as 3, 5, and 8 in the last three polls. and if he gets that whole none of the above, that's going to be a body below. >> lawrence: send a message. >> ultimately regarding on the republican side in michigan. there will be just a handful of delegates actually dolled out
4:31 am
because they changed the party rules in michigan to favor donald trump. so ultimately, the delegates are going to be -- to be determined after the caucuses which for the most part are run by party insiders and then he will wind up -- >> brian: listen to this quote from the publisher of arab american news out of michigan told the governor you can talk to us, governor whitmer about yourself. but if you come to represent joe biden. i am shutting the door good luck with that unfortunately think is he going to panic and turn on israel. >> lawrence: already talking about a cease-fire say going we could just have this pause for a brief moment. this is after he said he wouldn't do that that he was going to stand that he just didn't want want civilians being hurt. now is he going to back door netanyahu, i know you will have an interview with him later on, brian. interesting to see what he has to say about his relationship with the president. steve speaking of later on. we have a very special treat at the end of carley's news.
4:32 am
carley? >> carley: i can't deliver the news because my mouth is already watering. work with me. i will try to get through it and get to the yummy treat. serious news to get. to say new reports from san diego revealing more than 1500 migrants were released in the city over the weekend officials say many of them made their way to san diego international airport. hundreds began arriving to the airport on friday with a nonprofit henning them pick -- helping them check in for their flights. this comes after san diego taxpayer funded 6 million-dollar migrant processing center closed last week. the judge and former president trump's georgia election interference case is set to meet privately with terrence bradley. the lawyer for special prosecutor nathan wade. this comes after new evidence reveals fani willis exchange -- look at these numbers, 2,000 phone calls and 10,000 text messages with wade before they testified. their relationship began. trump's team is now saying willis should have to testify again.
4:33 am
okay, now here's the thing that steve was just talking about. buffalo wild wings delivering on promise of free wings if the super bowl goes into overtime. customers can get six boneless or traditional wings. can you get them between 2 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. today. you have to dine in or pick them up yourself no delivery. sixth year the company has made promise. we have wings on set and boy are they delicious, guys. >> brian: i totally smell that way. >> steve: i got the actual buffalo wild wings. >> brian: once again thanks to american scientist and engine take the chicken off the wing and make a nugget ball. good job, nasa. >> steve: it is chicken breast. >> ainsley: this one is like tear achy. >> steve: this has so much sauce on it. >> brian: i have never walked into a buffalo wild wings and not said everybody is having a good time. great time there, affordable.
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big screens. wonderful people. great service. >> carley: a lot of dipping sauces. >> steve: everybody in america gets six free ones is that what you said? >> carley: i'm sure the people at buffalo wild wings when the game went into overtime oh no, now we have to give out wings for free. >> ainsley: brian said no, i don't eat buffalo. brian? >> brian: did i not know. ains chicken. >> brian: thank you so much for the toss and food. i didn't know you were cooking that cookbook continue to come in handy make recipes out of it. vermont school refuses to play with a team with a biological male over safety concerns the coach joins us next. who can blame him? and doesn't spy on your searchs and duckduckgo lets you browse like chrome, but it blocks cooi and creepy ads that follow youa from google and other companie.
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everyone. happy monday. a lot of the country feel like spring. even summertime. take a look at some of the temperatures across the central u.s. down toward the southern plains. 58 in dallas. it's going to be 94 there today. that will be a record. can you see all of the records we are going to hit today in the 80's and the 90's, craziness. we have this late season storm that's going to move across the northern plains and the upper midwest that could not only bring snow and blizzard conditions but severe weather tomorrow. so hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. here is the forecast today. that area of low pressure really getting cranked up across the rockies. that's where we will see the potential for severe storms. today the story is 95 dallas. 81 in houston. see that artic front move in and squash those temperatures. so a little bit of a see saw ride and then, of course, the pollen. it is going to get high.
4:41 am
>> what the allergies or the heat? >> your hot stuff, my friend. >> lawrence: see you later. >> so vermont christmas store was banned from a state atlantic competition because of girl's basketball team forfeited a game against a team that had a transgender player. the biological male is over 6 feet tall seen here necking rivals out of the way. it's crazy. chris good speaking out for the first time. he and his attorney ryan tucker join us now. i want to go to this statement from the governing body over sports in vermont. he thought it was just insane. this is what they had to say. mid vermont teacher's school teach beliefs to its own students. it cannot, however, impose those beliefs on students from other public and private schools. deny students from other schools the opportunity to play or hurt students from other schools
4:42 am
because of who those students are mr. good win, i want to go to straight to you. they may be talking about hurt feelings. but you had students that got hurt because of the actions of that transgender player what's your reaction to that? >> my reaction is in the middle of the season last year, we were informed by other coaches and other players in the league that there was a male athlete playing for another team in our division. this other team was not on our schedule during the year. but we did see that there was a possibility that we might end up playing them in the playoffs and being seeded against them and as the season did come to an end, that is -- that was the scenario that worked itself out. so, after discussions with the administration, and our players and parents, we decided that instead of going against our religious beliefs that, you know, there are differences between male and female. we are created differently. we decided to forfeit that game and withdraw from the
4:43 am
tournament. >> lawrence: unbelievable. >> at that point the state of vermont governing body kicked us out of all athletic competitions in the state. >> lawrence: showing the footage right here. look at the elbows being thrown. is there any legal ramifications? because we have a biological male that is hurting other female athletes. it's only going to end one way here. >> that's right there are legal ramifications. in fact, we filed a lawsuit. four months ago. we are currently waiting for the court to issue an order telling us when we're going to have our hearing date. but you are absolutely right. what is going on here is the state is basically attempting to purge individuals like chris and other family members in the state from public discourse. from the ability to speak out on issues of significant public concern. and the state is completely, completely failing to consider the biological reality here. the health and safety
4:44 am
consequences and we filed a lawsuit on it. we're very confident that we're going to prevail. >> lawrence: coach, where are the rest of the coaches? because i understand that you guys have a religion point of view. i understand with you on that. but this is more than that. this is biological. so, where are all the rest of the girls basketball coaches with this scandal right here? >> they are concerned as well. i have four daughters. i have coached them all at one point in their careers playing high school basketball. i have also filled in for the boys coach when he can't make a practice and i have run those practices. boys just play at a different speed. a different force, you know, than the girls play. it's a different game. so, i would never bring my girls to a boy's practice or have the boys come into our practice and say to them hey, we are going to scrimmage today and go game speed it. just asking for an injury. and it would be irresponsible on my part to put my girls and my daughter on the court to play
4:45 am
against male athletes. >> lawrence: it's just common sense. and i hope the state looks at this. i hope there is federal action as well. we have got to protect our young ladies or they won't have sports. it's just that simple. >> absolutely. >> lawrence: coach ryan tucker, thanks so much for joining the program. >> thank you. >> lawrence: the prime minister of the palestinian authority resigns. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is going to speak with brian next. don't miss it. rsv is out there. for those 60 years and older protect against rsv with arexvy. arexvy is a vaccine used to prevent lower respiratory disease from rsv in people 60 years and older. arexvy does not protect everyone and is not for those with severe allergic reactions to its ingredients. those with weakened immune systems may have a lower response to the vaccine. the most common side effects are injection site pain, fatigue, muscle pain, headache, and joint pain. i chose arexvy. rsv? make it arexvy.
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>> brian: welcome back. a fox news alert. the prime minister of the palestinian thoort resigning, yep, setting up for a new government in the west bank as war against greatest ally rages. benjamin netanyahu joins us live from jerusalem with the update. i guess the breaking news is. this the cabinet -- mr. prime minister, thanks for joining us, agreed to offer their resignation but mahmoud abbas hasn't agreed to accept it. if they do resign, does that pave the way for an acceptable two state solution? >> no. well, first of all, i think that's music call chairs. they haven't had an election in the palestinian authority for 17 years. so they are just shuffling
4:51 am
chairs. but the real thing we want to see is genuine deradicallization. they have to stop teaching their children to become terrorists. they have to stop paying terrorists based on the amount of jews they kill. stop teaching and indoctrinating a whole generation on the annihilation of israel real reform that hasn't happened. >> brian: do the palestinians want a two state solution, mr. prime minister? >> well, unfortunately, i think what they want is a one-state solution. they don't want a state next to israel. they want a state instead of israel. and that's why i brought a resolution to the knesset, our parliament last week. 99 out of 120. actually 99 to 9. the rest abstained voted against on israel palestinian state. why did they do that? because we just had a palestinian state a de facto state. hamas and gaza had a de facto
4:52 am
palestinian state. what did they do with it, brian? they used it to rape women, bee head them, burn babies alive, murder children in front of their parents and parents in front of their children. took hostages. that's the equivalent 20, 911s in one day. butchered and 10,000 held hostage including mothers and children, babies. that's what this state produced. so, naturally understand there is overwhelming support for my position it's not outlier fringe. people are united as never before saying in what we will not accept is a palestinian state that will endanger israel. that's rewarding failure rewarding terrorists after they committed the most atrocious savagery against the jewish people since the holocaust. >> marry what governor newsom said about your reluctance on the two state solution on everything you just outlined. listen. >> with regard to benjamin
4:53 am
netanyahu, who i visited and i have worked with in the past he is doubling down ton stupid as it relates to the two state solution and walking away from that work to get these hostages home. work to eliminate hamas and advance a two state solution. >> brian: are you doubling down on stupid? >> >> look, i met the governor when he was here. i hope he had a chance to tour the country. then he would not see it's not my personal position. it's position of the people of israel. they are not stupid. they understand to just offer a palestinian state is to give a platform for the repeated attempts to aoil in late the jewish state and hamas has already promised that if it has -- if it's reconstituted. if israel doesn't win the war, then they will do this october 7th massacre over and over and over again. their words. so, i don't think the people of israel are stupid. i think they are actually very smart. that's why they support my position in achieving total victory. defeating hamas, bringing back
4:54 am
the hostages and making sure that gaza doesn't pose a threat to israel again and this means israel will have to have the overriding security control over that territory for the foreseeable future. that doesn't come with unlimited palestinian sovereignty. i think the people are smart. >> brian: does hugged you after october 7th. resemble the same one that is upset with you now. saying your reaction in gaza has been over the top? what's your reaction to the seemingly wirthing support from this administration? >> look, i appreciate the president's support at the beginning of the war and throughout, we have had our differences of opinion, but we have been able to agree on, you know, on the three war aims. destroying hamas, bringing back the hostages and making sure that gaza is not a threat to israel. but, i think that their there are natural differences of opinion. can i tell you one thing though. i just came out of a meeting with colonel john spencer.
4:55 am
john spencer is the world expert on urban warfare. he heads the urban warfare department in west point and he has compared what israel is doing, in trying to fight these terrorists who not only systematically target our civilians but hide. no other army in the world gone to the lengths that israel has gone to prevent civilian casualties. and he is right. so, i don't think our reaction is over the top. i think the israeli army is setting the gold standard of how to fight terrorists embedded in civilian neighborhoods, in hospitals and schools. and, yet, minimize the ratio of civilian casualties. and i will tell you, every civilian casualty is a tragedy. and they all -- they should all be brought to the doorstep of hamas that is using them as human shields. >> brian: i want you to hear what jake sullivan just warned you about. he knows you are going to go into rafah. he warns you better not go in without a plan to get the civilians out, listen.
4:56 am
>> talking about more than a millimeter people who have been pushed into that small space in gaza because of military operations elsewhere. also the area where all of the humanitarian assistance comes into gaza to serve all of gaza. and so, we have been clear that we do not believe that an operation, a major military operation should proceed in rafah unless there is a clear and executable plan to protect those civilians, to get them to safety, and to feed, clothe and house them. and we have not seen a plan like that. >> brian: have you heard this plan since he said that yesterday and have the americans been briefed on your plan? >> >> well, actually last night i had a meeting with a general staff and security cabinet. and the army showed us the plan, a double plan. one for the evacuation and humanitarian assistance of the civilian population in rafah. and second, the elimination of the remaining quarter of the hamas terrorist battalions that are in rafah. we can't leave them there
4:57 am
because that's like leaving a quarter of isis in place in a defined territory. you wouldn't do that in fact, you didn't do it. so, we're not going to do that either. but we do have a combined plan of evacuating civilians out of harm's way. and destroying those battalions. i can tell you that hamas will be doing everything in their power to make sure that we don't evacuate the civilians because they actually try to stop them at gunpoint and offer gunfire. that's not going to stop us. we won't give them immunity. we will get the population out. we will continue the job to achieve total victory. total victory is how you win the war and total victory is how you win the peace. you can't win the peace if you don't win the war. >> brian: i know you have taken out 18 of 24 hamas battalions. only taken out 30% of hamas higher ups. many are hiding in the tunnels below. if america tells you don't go into rafah, will you go in anyway? >> we go in make our own decisions obviously.
4:58 am
go in evacuation of civilians. i agree with the u.s. on this. i don't have a different position because our strategy right now has always been from the beginning to try to get civilians out of harm's way and we have been largely successful, the ratio of civilians to combatants killed in gaza is now down below one-to-one which is just unheard of in this kind of crowded urban warfare. again, we will do our best to get as many of them out. they will have the opportunity to leave. that's not an american position. that's my position. >> steve: i understand, too. one of the big stories and that everyone cares most about, especially the americans, no offense, are the hostages. you have over 130 behind enemy lines. what could you tell us about those talks in qatar, the word is, according to u.s. officials, the basic contours of a deal are agreed upon. would you describe it the same way? >> well, i hope so. i think we're there. i'm not sure hamas is there.
4:59 am
they have what i would call out landish demands. that's like in another orbit. another planet. they have to come down to reality. and i think if that's the case, we will be able to have a deal we have been able to free half the hostages. which is a singular achievement. we. the remainder, too. i devoted my life ever since i was a young commander in a special unit, i, myself was wounded in an attempt to release the hostages from a hijacked civilian aircraft. my older brother was killed while leading the storming party which released 103 jewish hostages. and we're totally committed. we just had heroic operation in which we rel released two hosta. she just took them out of the jaws of the terrorists. so, obviously, we want this deal, if we can have it. it depends on hamas. it's really now their decision because i think the ground has
5:00 am
been laid but they have to enter -- they have to enter the ballpark. they are not in town yet. >> brian: only 30 seconds left. i understand that you've stepped up against has been in the north. do you believe that war with has but it closer now than it was before the attack on october 7t? >> they attacked us on october 8th, the day after the october massacre and we've been exchanging blows ever sense. our goal is to bring back 100,000 people who have left the border with lebanon and with israelis who want to go back to their homes. if this could be achieved diplomatically, fine. if not, it will be achieved militarily. my preference is to achieve it diplomatically but i can't tell you that they will cooperate. in any case, we will get them back to their homes. >> brian: we hope to have you back and talk when the hostages are back. mr. preminger, thank you very much. >> thank you brian.


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